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Here it is, the big reveal!

After several weeks of eagerly waiting, anticipating, and stressing, the day has arrived that I can finally share this HUGE news with you all.

I am pleased to announce the growth in our house!
New life is blossoming here in this family, and I couldn’t be more excited to finally share in this with you.

I am thrilled to be able to celebrate this joyous day with everyone!

That’s right!
My herbs are finally in bloom!


I’ve been wanting to tell you guys for a while. To shout it from the rooftops. But I’ve been waiting for the basil to finally make an appearance.

On Monday, it rained and rained and rained, ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the live long day. And I, being the horrible gardener that I am, left all my pots out on the steps while I was away all day. My face paled and my stomach dropped to my toes when I was at cooking club and remembered that my pots we’re still sitting outside on the porch.

They were doomed, I knew it. All that water. All the flood warnings…they were done for.

Apparently, all that rain was what they needed because the next day, this happened:

Happy, tiny, little basil sprouts started to appear. 
And that’s when I knew it was time. Time to share the joyous news of the growth of de herbs with you. 
The cilantro made its appearance first.

It’s clearly doing the best of all the herbs. It’s even starting to take its shape.


I picked a piece and ate it, and it’s delicious. Mucho cilantro-ey. I cannot WAITTTT to use it this summer! It will be so nice to not have to run to the store all the time for herbs.

The parsley made it’s appearance next.


It’s not quite as full and robust as the cilantro–but I’ll take it. It will come, in time, in time. It also hasn’t started to take it’s signature flat leaf parsley shape. It will get there, I know it will.

Next, my marigolds started to sprout.


I’m a little underwhelmed with the state of these. They haven’t done much growing since they first sprouted, and come on, where are all the brothers and sisters? They are going to need to start appearing if I am going to have the beautiful welcome plant on my front stoop like I had hoped…

Then finely, the lone basils started appearing. I almost missed them–two tiny little sprouts on the very side of the pot. Last year, the basil were the quickest growers.


They’re shy this year, they must be.
Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to find basil at any grocery stores this year…They’re shy.

Precious herbs.
I can’t wait to see how they grow up.

Pssst. You may notice in the picture about that my deck is one color, and the stairs are another. This was an annoying story. 
Yesterday morning I came outside of my condo to take my precious Gracie potty–there was a strange man at the bottom of my stairs with a power washer and a bottle of wood stain. He had removed all the stain from our stairs, and re-stained it. The stairs were dripping wet with stain, and there I was, stuck at the top with my dog who had to poo. I asked if I could walk on it, and the strange man replied with, “Uhhhhh….You’re not supposed to.”
HELLLOO–Those are my only stairs. My only way out. What am I supposed to do? Fly down? Glide down on the rail? A little warning about the staining would be nice, don’t you think? Well, I picked up Gracie and we went downstairs anyway. Psh. Don’t tell me what to do, homeboy. 
The deck is still a different color than the stairs. Annoying. 
More herby updates to come, promise. 
OH! And it’s Gracie’s birthday on Sunday. She’ll be three. I might die–my baby is THREE.